6v6 Rules

  • ABSOLUTELY NO REFEREE ABUSE WILL BE TOLERATED!!  Coaches may be cautioned for their sideline conduct (includes parents and players), but if a Coach’s or Parent’s conduct is deemed inappropriate then you will be asked to leave and team may forfeit the game.  PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO YOUR TEAM!!!
  • Play will be governed by the FIFA Laws of the game, except where amended within these League Rules.
  • An arc will be used as the Penalty Area, except at the UNO Dome. 
  • U11 thru U14 ages will play a 6 v 6 format. U12 & younger will play with a size 4 ball on a quarter-field; U13 & older will play with a size 5 ball on a quarter-field.
  • There is no maximum roster size.
  • Neither State rosters nor player passes are required.
  • All ages will play a continuous 40-minute game with no half-time.  The clock does not stop.
  • Teams have unlimited substitutions at any dead ball for either team.  The referee must authorize the substitution.  If a team has the chance to attack from a quick restart, the referee may choose to delay a substitution until the next restart.
  • There is NO OFFSIDES.
  • If the ball touches the ceiling, it is an in-direct kick for the opposing team directly down from where the ball touched.
  • There are no walls and cleats may be worn.
  • No overtime periods will be played.  If a game in the Placement Round (final week) is tied at the end of regulation, the game will immediately move to Kicks from the Penalty Spot and will be decided accordingly. 

Point System
After the first five games are played, standings will be based on the following point system:

  • Win........... 3 points
  • Loss.......... 0 points
  • Tie............ 1 point
  • Red Card... -1 point (Parent Ejections will count as a red card)
  • A team that forfeits a game will give up 3 (three) points to its opposition.  The score will be reported as 0-1.

For the final round (week #6), opponents will be paired based on placement, i.e., 1st Place vs. 2nd Place; 3rd Place vs. 4th Place, etc.  In the event that two teams have the same point total going into the Placement Round, final positions will be determined using the in the order listed until a team is eliminated. Once a team is eliminated, placement among the remaining teams will be determined by the tie-breakers starting with head to head competition.

  • Winner of Head to Head (this criteria not used if more than two teams tied).
  • Goal Spread (goals scored minus goals against) with a maximum of 4 (four) goals per game.
  • Fewest goals allowed
  • Most goals scored
  • Coin flip